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Protect Babies' Scalp & Eliminate Cradle Cap!

Calm scalp redness, cradle cap, itchy scalp and dandruff with our natural, Scalp Soothing Cream. Scientifically formulated to protect and eliminate common scalp and skin conditions like dryness, dandruff, eczema, and cradle cap. 

.The clinically tested formula is light in texture, reduces flakes, limits excess sebum, and keeps baby comfortable throughout the day.Developed by a Mom, perfected by a chemist, reviewed by a Dermatologist. 


Gentle And Effective From Birth On

Our Scalp Soothing Cream for babies and toddlers, gently calms common scalp and skin conditions like dryness, dandruff, eczema, and cradle cap.
Our proven formula contains coconut oil & jojoba oil, which helps to prevent and reduce cradle cap. Your little one will experience fewer flakes and dry scalp with each treatment. 

       • Paraben-free• Phthalate-free• Sulfate-free• Dye-free• Perfume-free• Vegan 

Wiggly Baby? No Problem. 

Massage Scalp Soothing Cream onto the affected area of your baby’s scalp, head or face before bed and leave on overnight. Rinse and brush the next morning with T is for Tame™ Gentle Foaming Shampoo and silicone brush. 


What Is Cradle Cap?Cradle cap is what seborrheic dermatitis is called when it appears on your baby’s scalp.The skin condition can show up elsewhere, too, such as on your baby’s face on the ears, eyelids, eyebrows, and nose, or on the body on the neck, armpit, belly button, legs, and groin.When the symptoms of cradle cap appear anywhere other than the scalp, your provider will refer to it as seborrheic dermatitis. 

Is cradle cap contagious?  No, it isn’t contagious, and it generally isn’t painful or itchy for your baby. Plus, it won’t leave any scars or have long term side effects. 

 What Does Cradle Cap Look Like?Cradle cap typically looks like skin that has red, moist patches. It commonly appears in skin folds near the neck or behind the ears. It can sometimes look yellowish with greasy patches, or it might appear scaly or flaky. 

What Causes Cradle Cap?It’s not known exactly what causes cradle cap, but experts say it’s not caused by poor hygiene or an allergy to something you’re using.One factor may be that some of your pregnancy hormones have passed on to your baby before birth, causing the production of too much oil (sebum) in the oil glands and hair follicles, trapping dead skin cells. 

Are you cradle cap products scented? No. We use no dyes, scents, or artificial ingredients. 

 Is it made in the USA? Our ingredients are all sourced from the US and the UK and our contract manufacturer is in Pennsylvania. 

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