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The Struggle is Real - 5 Easy Steps to Tame Curly Toddler Hair

If you have curly hair like I do, then you understand the struggle of taming it. I found myself dreaming of the day when I would have soft, perf...

Volunteering With Your Toddler

By T is for Tame March 12, 2020 Pay It Forward I recently celebrated a milestone birthday which is often a time for reflection. Let me start by...

Cradle Cap: a visual guide

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How to Integrate a New Baby Into Your Family?

By Charlotte Malone February 12, 2020 1. Let your children express their feelings  When you decide to tell your children about your pregnancy...

Stop Asking Me When I'm Going to Cut My Son's Hair.

By Charlotte Malone October 12, 2019 My son has always had a lot of hair. When he was born, it was silvery blonde and paired well with his fair...

Cradle Cap: What it is? Where does it occur? How do you treat it?

By Charlotte Malone  October 12, 2019 What is cradle cap?  Cradle cap on a newborn is nothing to fear, but as any mom who has been there before...

Are Natural Hair Products Worth the Cost?

By Charlotte Malone  October 12, 2019 The shampoos, conditioners and styling products for kids that we find at mass stores are appealing for obv...

Unique Gift Ideas for the New Mom

t is for tame gift ideas
Picking out a gift for a new mom can be hard. On the one hand, you know she needs to be pampered, so a gift that allows her to rest or take time for herself makes sense, but on the other hand she may want something practical to help with her transition as a new mom

Vacation Ideas for Toddlers (that you will enjoy too!)

You’ve been to Disney, stayed at a few all-inclusives, and ventured out on a well-contained beach vacation. Now what? You have vacation time coming up, but the idea of taking your toddlers on a plane, or driving to a new destination, seems daunting. We are here to help! We’ve found the top 4 easy vacation ideas that your toddler will not only be entertained at this winter, but you can actually enjoy too.

5 Tips for Surviving Your Toddler’s First Haircut

5 Tips for Surviving Your Toddler’s First Haircut

5 Tips for Surviving Your Toddler's First Haircut