FAQ - T is for Tame


Here are some of our most asked questions. If we don't cover it here, you can find additional information on Amazon or send us an email. 


 1. What is the difference between the Taming Cream and the Taming Mist?  The products both use the same natural ingredients, but the cream is for hair that is slightly thicker and may need a bit more taming. The mist provides a gentler hold. We recommend the mist for fine hair. 

 2. What are the key ingredients in most of your products?  For the Taming Cream and Taming Mist, we use jojoba oil, coconut oil, tapioca starch, and an organic vanilla fragrance oil. The other ingredients are necessary for creating the products, like an all natural preservative. Please see a full list of ingredients under the product you plan to purchase. 

 3. Are your products made in the USA?  Yes, we pride ourselves on making sure our products are safe for your little one. We manufacture our products at a facility in Pennsylvania. They have been helping small businesses bring their vision to life for over 14 years. 

 4. Does the Taming Cream or Mist work to spike hair?  Yes and no, our products offer a light hold for taming hair down vs. spiking it.  You can use it to spike hair, but it will not last very long. 


 1. Does your cradle cap cream product have a scent?  No, it is free of dyes, perfumes, or harsh ingredients - and has been tested for skin sensitivity. 

 2. How will I know if the cradle cap products are working? You should see a difference in dryness and flakes after 3-4 uses. Products can be continued to prevent cradle cap from returning. 

 3. Can I use the products daily?  Yes, but we recommend using daily the first few days. After cradle cap or dryness begins to clear, only wash a few times a week or however often your pediatrician recommends. 


 1. Why is the name "T is for Tame?"  It's a play on words from popular books and songs about the alphabet. For example, B is usually for Baby. We created a new one, T is for Taming delicate little hair. 

 2. Where can I buy your products?  Products can be purchased on our website, Facebook, Instagram, local boutiques or Amazon.com. If you would like to see our products in more locations, please let us know or mention it at your local store.

 3. Do you test on animals?  No way! We love animals. Our product is 100% Vegan and cruelty free! 

 4. Is T is for Tame available for wholesale?  Yes, please reach out to us here for our wholesale pricing. 

 5. Do you accept returns?  We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't happy, please let us know and we will exchange or refund.

6. Are your products organic?  We use organic ingredients where possible, and natural if organic isn't available.

7. Are your products made in the USA?  Yes! Our manufacturer is located in Pennsylvania. The company orders all ingredients according to our specifications, mixes and fills packaging. The manufacturer complies with all FDA procedures.