Cradle Cap: a visual guide

Cradle Cap: a visual guide

T is for Tame Team/ June 2020


What is cradle cap? 

Cradle cap occurs mainly on infants and can cause dry, scaly patches on a baby's scalp. It has no known cause and it easily treatable 

How is cradle cap prevented? 

It can be prevented by washing your child's scalp regularly with a shampoo made for treating the condition. 

Is it painful?

No, it can appear red, crusty or patchy, but the condition is rarely painful.

Can a toddler get cradle cap? 

Yes, it can happen at any age, but is most common in newborns. 

Is coconut oil a good treatment for cradle cap? 

Yes! And all of T is for Tame's products contain coconut oil. 

Is cradle cap common?

Yes, over 200,000 cases a year are reported.


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