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5 Tips for Surviving Your Toddler’s First Haircut

My toddler son has had many firsts this year. His first tip-toeing steps, first toothy smile, and the all-important, first bite of ice cream. Of all the firsts, the only one I dreaded was the first haircut. I wasn’t sure which one of us would cry first: me, watching his baby curls get snipped or him fending off the whirring and buzzing of the clippers.When hair started to grow directly into his eyes, and my husband bought him a Guns & Roses t-shirt to “complete his look”, I knew it was time to tackle the first haircut. Our first cut, wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I cried....

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Vacation Ideas for Toddlers (that you will enjoy too!)

You’ve been to Disney, stayed at a few all-inclusives, and ventured out on a well-contained beach vacation. Now what? 

You have vacation time coming up, but the idea of taking your toddler on a plane, or driving to a new destination, seems daunting. We are here to help! We’ve found the top 4 easy vacation ideas that your toddler will not only be entertained at this winter, but you can actually enjoy too.

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Unique Gift Ideas for the New Mom

Picking out a gift for a new  mom can be hard. On the one hand, you know she needs to be pampered, so a gift that allows her to rest or take time for herself makes sense, but on the other hand she may want something practical to help with her transition as a new mom.


Good news! We’ve done the work for you.  We’ve rounded up ideas that we know new moms will love. From food delivery services and life-simplifying gadgets for her to practical gear that makes picking up after you baby a breeze. Check out our list to for this holiday season or the next special occasion for the new mom in your life.  

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