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Surviving the first

toddler haircut:

5 Essential Tips.

 by the T is for Tame team 

 Jan. 2020








Are natural hair products worth the cost?

- by T is for Tame team 

 January 12, 2020

 The shampoos, conditioners and styling products for kids that we find at mass stores are appealing for obvious reasons. They’re affordable, convenient, and we love all of their unique scents. But what makes them affordable may be cause for some concern. Although some mass distributed kid’s hair products do contain high-grade ingredients typically found in smaller natural brands, they only contain small amounts of them.

How to integrate a new baby into your family.

- by T is for Tame team 

 February 3,  2020

When I met my husband’s son, it was his fourth birthday. At the time, I was Daddy’s “friend" with the lovable dog. Everything I had been hearing about his son was true. He was bright, funny, and a gentle soul. He came to life around his Dad, beaming when they locked eyes. Anyone could see they had a special bond.Two short years later, we were married and my new stepson had a starring role as the ring bearer.

Cradle cap: what is it, where does it occur and how is it treated?

- by T is for Tame team February 1, 2020

Cradle cap on a newborn is nothing to fear, but as any mom who has been there before knows, the flakes, and scales can appear worse than the actual condition. Cradle cap is nothing more than seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff on a baby, which generally affects the scalp though it can appear in other places on the skin too. While it looks uncomfortable with crusty, oily and even scaly patches, it’s not painful for your baby.Some seborrheic dermatitis will clear up within a few weeks or months, or you can always try a shampoo or cream to help speed up the process. While cradle cap in newborns isn’t serious, atopic dermatitis is another 


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