Best Natural Hair Products for Babies, Toddlers and Kids - T is for Tame

Best Natural Hair Products for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

As parents we may be gifted children that have hair needs that are very different than our own. So what should you do?

We have spent years finding the perfect hair products that work on our own hair only to have start the search over for our little ones! Here is a list of our mom-tested and mom-approved best styling products for your precious little ones. These products will ensure your child’s hair is looking good and that everyday is a good hair day!

Best Overall: T is For Tame taming cream

taming cream

This product calms frizz, fly-aways, static, dryness and overall messiness! It is made with natural ingredients so you can feel safe using on your child. A little of this will tame even the wildest of hair, all while leaving your child’s hair touchably soft and never stiff or sticky. It works on straight, curly, fine or thick hair.

Styling Cream for Baby Hair - T is for Tame

Best for Tangles: T is For Tame taming spray

taming spray

We have all heard the familiar “Ow! Ow!” That goes along with brushing our kid’s hair. No matter how big or tiny the tangles are, our kids seem to have sensitive heads. This dual purpose all-natural spray gently detangles, calms frizz and flyaways and tackles dryness and makes brushing a breeze! 

Baby Hair Detangler Spray - Organic Ingredients - T is for Tame


Best Budget Item: Manzanilla Ricitos de Hair Gel

ricitos de oro

This chamomile enriched gentle gel is a great alcohol-free gel option for your children. This gel nourishes and strengthens while offering a short-term, gentle hold. It is alcohol free so not drying on sensitive skin. It's a great budget option. : Manzanilla Ricitos de Hair Gel| Alcohol-Free Hair Care Gel for Daily Use, Gentle Gel with Chamomile Extract; 4.0 Ounces : Baby Products : Beauty


Best for stiff hold: Jason Styling Gel, Flaxseed Hi Shine

Hi shine hair gel

This high performance hair gel offers a strong hold that is gentle on hair. It can style wet or dry hair. It contains essential oils and plant and flower extracts. We liked this product for those harder to style hairstyles that boys love, like mohawks. : Jason Styling Gel, Flaxseed Hi Shine, 6 Oz : Hair Styling Gels : Beauty

 Best for Older Kids: Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel


free & clear styling gel

This chemical and fragrance free hair gel offers firm long lasting control. It hold hair in place without sticky residue. This styling gel helps fight static and adds fullness and volume to hair. It is great for sensitive skin.

These 5 products are a great place to start when looking for different hair styling needs for your baby or big kid. As parents, we always need to seize an opportunity that makes caring for our children just a little easier. The products here are a great start to those good hair days! What do you need to make styling and caring for your child’s hair easier?


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