What you need to have a successful photoshoot with your family (a photographer's POV)

What you need to have a successful photoshoot with your family (a photographer's POV)

As a photographer, I love nothing more than capturing the unique personalities of different families through my lens. It's great finding unique locations and scenes that showcase each person's individuality, and I take pride in my ability to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera.

If you're preparing for a professional photo shoot with kids, there are a few key things you can do to make the experience go smoothly. Here are my top five tips:

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1. Communicate with the photographer. Before the shoot, make sure to discuss any specific ideas or requests you have with your photographer. This will help them understand your vision and ensure that they capture the images you're looking for.

2. Plan outfits in advance. Picking out the perfect outfit can be stressful, especially for kids who may not have a lot of patience. Avoid last-minute stress by planning and laying out your outfits in advance. You can even try them on and take some test shots to see how they look in photos.

3. Bring snacks and drinks. Kids can get hangry (hungry and angry) quickly, so it's a good idea to pack some snacks and drinks to keep them fueled and happy during the shoot. This will help prevent meltdowns and keep everyone in good spirits.

4. Bring toys and other distractions. If you have younger kids, it can be helpful to bring along a few small toys or other distractions to keep them occupied between shots. This will help keep them engaged and happy, and it can also make for some cute candid shots.

5. Use a hair product made for kids. As a mom, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to keep kids' hair looking neat and tidy.

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That's why I always recommend bringing T is for Tame to professional photo shoots. This natural, vegan hair product is specifically designed for babies and young kids, and it's great at taming frizz, flyaways, and tangles. Plus, it's made in the USA by a twin mom, so you can trust in its quality and effectiveness.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your professional photo shoot with kids is a success. Whether you're looking to capture timeless family portraits or fun, candid shots, these tips will help you prepare and make the most of your experience.  


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