Clean hair, hold the water: sensory issues and bath time

Clean hair, hold the water: sensory issues and bath time

Bath time can either be an exciting time in the day for some kids, or for other kids, it can be a dreaded time. Especially if the child has sensory issues. One of the challenges that children with autism face is related to sensory issues, which can cause difficulty with hair washing and grooming.

Sensory processing issues can cause children to be overly sensitive or under-sensitive to certain sensory inputs.This can make hair washing a difficult experience for children with autism.

The sensation of water, shampoo, and other hair products can be overwhelming for some children, leading to resistance and anxiety about hair washing. Or maybe the anxiety of getting soap in their eyes proves to be a challenge come bath time.

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This is what led to the Powder Puff Dry shampoo. When my daughter was diagnosed with ASD, I decided to create a new hair product for her. She hates getting her head/face/eyes wet, so washing her hair has always been a struggle.

So, I created a dry shampoo for kids! Now I can “wash” hair without water. It’s made with all natural/food grade ingredients. It's non aerosol, uses vegan, plant-based ingredients & zero talc.

clean hair hold the water

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