School pictures? We got your covered. Here are some tips to get the best hair for your kid's hair photos. - T is for Tame

School pictures? We got your covered. Here are some tips to get the best hair for your kid's hair photos.

Hair that is captured in a school photograph, can we stressful. The notice comes home from school that tomorrow is picture day at school - and panic can quickly set in. What should they wear? How should we style her hair?

Here are some tips and tricks to lessen the stress of school picture day.

  • Stick with what you know. My first bit of advice is do not try new dos or have your inexperienced child do their own hair on picture day. My mom was a single mom working full time and she had me do my own hair out of pure convenience. I always seemed to get more creative on picture day. Now the evidence of that creativity is saved forever in my school pictures. It is always a good laugh to go through those old pictures, but not something I want saved forever in a photograph for my own children. I truly believe independence is a much-needed skill that all kids need to learn, maybe just not on picture day.
  • Down and natural hair is your best bet for school picture day. My girls often wear ponytails and braids to school but on picture day we go with a down do or a half up half down with a pretty barrette. It’s nice to look back at past photos and see how long her hair got or to remember the year we chopped it all off.
  • Accessorize your child’s hair but keep it simple. A pretty bow or simple barrette. You don’t want to overshadow your child’s adorable face with accessories that are too big or take the attention away from them.

girl with curly hair and bow

  • Showcase those curls. Those with naturally curly hair you may want to spritz her hair with taming mist and let those curls show! Those with naturally straight hair could curl the hair under a little to frame the child’s face.
  • Boys hair is usually a little bit easier to manage. I like to get my son a trim a week or so before picture day.  This allows for some time for the hair to grow in a little. Then, the morning of school pictures, I use some taming cream to style his hair and off he goes looking fresh and ready for pictures!

 boy with mohawk

On picture day make sure everyone wakes up a little earlier to be sure you have enough time to spend those extra few minutes on your child’s hair. For all hair, boys, girls, short, long, curly or straight, you want to be sure to keep those flyaways at bay with T Is for Tame Taming cream! Picture day doesn’t have to mean perfection. It is a way to capture your child at their current age and grade level. These helpful hints will help you make picture day hair less stressful and ensure your child is looking their best!


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