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Natural Bristle Baby Hair Brush
Natural Bristle Baby Hair BrushNatural Bristle Baby Hair BrushNatural Bristle Baby Hair BrushNatural Bristle Baby Hair Brush
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Quality brush made of natural beech wood

Share special moments with your new baby by using our soft bristle, all natural, goat bristle hair brush to massage your baby’s scalp and give his hair a gorgeous shine. Made of beech wood, our quality brush will last from his first hair brush into his toddler years. Its soft bristles are made from all natural goat hair, so you can brush delicate hair or massage his scalp with ease. Post bath or early morning, this brush is safe, gentle, and perfect for your little one.

Healthy, manageable hair.

Cradle Cap is a common condition that occurs in some infants. It often appears scaly, yellowish or patchy. To help prevent it, brush daily with our soft bristle brush. The natural goat hair bristles help treat cradle cap by loosening build-up or scales. 

  Registry ready keepsake pouch

When we decided to add a hair brush to the products we offer, we wanted to deliver it in something that would be useful to Moms. We designed a waterproof, eco-friendly keepsake pouch that can be used for diapers, wipes, hair accessories and more!  


Can this be used on a newborn?  Yes, the natural bristles are soft and won't hurt a delicate scalp.

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