T is for Tame

Frequently Asked Questions

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Brand Info

Yes, we pride ourselves on making sure our products are safe for your little one. We manufacture our products at a facility in Pennsylvania. They have been helping small businesses bring their vision to life for over 14 years. A few of our brushes are imported. We note this on the product.

It's a play on words from popular books and songs about the alphabet. For example, B is usually for Baby. We created a new one, T is for Taming delicate little hair. We are the FIRST product that was specifically made for taming baby hair.

Products can be purchased on our website, Facebook, Instagram, local boutiques across the US and Canada or Amazon.com. If you would like to see our products in more locations, please let us know or mention it at your local store!

All of our products use natural ingredients and organic where possible. Our philosophy? If we wouldn't put it on our kids, we wouldn't ask you to put it on yours.

The best way to find discounts is by joining our mailing list. Email us to be added OR sign up on our website. 

Yes, please email us at info@tisfortame.com. We usually partner with 1-2 influencers a month. 

Cradle Cap & Sensitive

No, it is free of dyes, perfumes, or harsh ingredients - and has been tested for skin sensitivity. 

Both cradle cap and dandruff are the result of seborrheic dermatitis, an inflammatory condition of the skin in which the skin overproduces skin cells and sebum (the skin's natural oil).

Cradle cap is the term used for the scaly dermatitis seen on the scalp in infants, but can also stick around on toddlers. It can also be seen on the eyelids, eyebrows and behind the ears, typically after about age 3 months.

Yes! Cradle cap and dry skin can also be seen on the eyelids, eyebrows and behind the ears. You can gently rub the cream into skin to clear up hot spots. If you have any concerns, always consult you child's pediatrician.

Yes, our products are natural and safe for babies.

Hair Taming

The products both use the same natural ingredients, but the cream is for hair that is slightly thicker and may need a bit more taming. The mist provides a gentler hold. We recommend the mist for fine hair. 

  For the Taming Cream and Taming Mist, we use jojoba oil, coconut oil, tapioca starch, and an organic vanilla fragrance oil. The other ingredients are necessary for creating the products, like an all natural preservative. Please see a full list of ingredients under the product you plan to purchase

Place a dime sized dollop in the palm of your hand, rub in and spread evenly on wet or try straight hair. Use a brush to style. For wavy or curly kiddos, use the same process, but scrunch into hair. Our products are made with coconut and jojoba oil, so a little goes a long way! 


Please email us at feedback@tisfortame.com and we will send a return label for all unused, unopened products. 

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